Our society is facing a lot of difficult and unpleasant situations,

That take place every where around us , every day to every one.

Our organization is representing the delection of any kind of

Inequality and prejudice.

We support children that suffer from cancer , rare diseases and their parents that face all the battle and unfortunately sometimes their loss.

Every year more than 250,000 children from cancer  , which 150,000 from them loose their battle.Unfortunately cancer is the first cause for child mortality.Even with all the new medical methods of therapy  , 1 of 3 children loose the battle with the disease.Cancer or leuchemia.

We are here to help and support every parent that fight with their child and hope every day for a new medical method that will save their beloved one.

For the parents that struggling and do their best , with the hope that their child will be cured and come back home.

Also for the parent that unfortunately lost their little heroes , their little fighters.

Our organization is also caring and supporting all kind of people in need.

Unemployed, single mothers , lonely people that are not able to deliver their daily food.

We should not forget we are all people , we should not forget our humanity.

Every one  has the right to live in a descent way.Every one of us.